What Are the New SEO Trends We Could Expect Post-Pandemic?

One of the most effective strategies to create exposure for a brand and attract prospective customers is search engine optimization (SEO). However, it will only yield the intended results if it is used correctly. And it is a task that is easier said than done, especially when you consider that SEO constantly changes and evolves. This is why many choose to rely on the services of experts like those from Atlanta SEO agencies for those whose businesses are located in the same area. Achieving excellent performance through this form of digital marketing requires just as much attention to the current updates and latest trends as it does techniques like link building, content creation, and website optimization. In this piece, we’ll discuss some potentially relevant trends in SEO that you can expect post-pandemic

Artificial intelligence 

AI or artificial intelligence has changed how users interact with content online. The AI algorithm that powers Google is one example. Rolled out back in 2015, the RankBrain system plays a critical role when it comes to the ranking factors for the SERPs or search engine results pages. One of the highlights of this tool is the ability that it has to learn. What this means is that it will only continue to improve as time goes by, making it one of the most valuable SEO trends to keep an eye out for.

Voice search

Thanks in no small part to the unique innovations brought about by Amazon’s Alexa, Google’s Assistant, and Apple’s Siri, the technology behind voice search has evolved significantly. With its marked improvements, it has also become increasingly popular. Some experts predict that many households will start having a smart speaker in a couple of years. If you’re looking to optimize in search using voice, you’ll need to consider the keywords you will use carefully. You must determine the phrases that most people use in daily conversations due to the penchant of voice search for natural phrasing. 


Mobile-first indexing was rolled out by Google back in 2019, meaning that it has begun looking at how a website appears on mobile devices as the primary version rather than how it appears on desktop. This is not surprising because the majority of internet users today tend to browse the World Wide Web through their smartphones and tablets more so than personal computers. If you want to gain a competitive edge in this area, you must begin optimizing your site for mobile. Make sure that you also test out its mobile usability through tools like the search console of Google.

EAT principle 

On many occasions, Google has stated that quality is vital for ranking with content. However, what does it mean? If you’re wondering what it is all about, refer to the principle of EAT: the expertise, the authoritativeness, and the trustworthiness. These three factors can all determine whether or not a specific web page contains any potentially useful content. This is especially relevant with niches like finance and health care. To succeed, begin with the creation of buyer personas. Conduct research on intent next to map out your customers’ journey. Then use all of the collected information to produce your content.

Featured snippets 

Featured snippets have become one of the easier ways to gain prominence in search engines like Google, despite how brief they are. Usually, they appear above the links to the results for specific searches, and they’re no more than a paragraph long. Despite their length, they are an excellent strategy in getting the desired position at the top of the first page of the search results. And if you want to start ranking, it is a good idea to begin making use of them.

Predictive search 

Released in 2017, Discover, an AI tool of Google, unleashed a unique type of search process and it doesn’t necessarily require a query from the user. What it does is identify the behavior pattern of the user and learn it gradually. With the data, it can identify what content will interest users the most. It doesn’t need anything special out of you to appear on it. If your web page gets indexed by Google, it will automatically be included. 

Expert SEO services 

While not necessarily a strategy, businesses across many different industries have begun to make professional services as a part of their SEO campaigns. SEO is not as simple or straightforward as some might think, after all. The reality is that it can be a complicated and tricky process. You’ll only make yourself more susceptible to costly mishaps if you do it alone. It is because of this that investing in expert services is essential. 

Bottom line

Success in SEO is all about being in the loop of current trends. When you get right down to it, knowing the newest techniques, tools, and strategies can give you an edge over your competitors in building online exposure for a brand. Conversely, you can miss out on opportunities to grow if you don’t. So always make sure that you’re updated in SEO.