Two foolish lottery strategies

There is a lot of lottery advice. It’s all around. Do this. Do this. It is difficult to try and sort it all out. Let me now describe the worst. Today’s assistant will be Buckeye TV’s vivacious star, the Ohio Classic Lotto 6/49 lottery.

There are a total 13,983,816 data sgp wagering options for the OH649 lottery. The odds of winning the lottery jackpot is 1 in 13983,816. Many people resort to a strategy that doesn’t make sense in their quest for the lottery jackpot. It doesn’t make any sense to a skilled gambler trying to increase his chances of winning the lottery. Let me prove it by applying logic, common sense, and basic math.

Foolish Lottery Strategy #1

Although I don’t really understand the attraction, many people love to play odd numbers. They get excited about 7-17-23-30-37-49, or 3-11-23-30-37-41. They might soon realize that the dog they are hunting isn’t very common if they use good lottery software. Let me explain.

Only 177,100 bets are composed of only odd numbers. Although this seems like a large number, it only represents 1.27% of all wagers. They didn’t have any chance of winning the lottery jackpot, so they lost 98.73% or 51 weeks of the year. They were not even eligible for the lottery. One year is too long to be without feeling any love.

If you have any doubts, the actual drawings of the lottery back this up. Over the past 2 1/2 years, only four times have there been wagers that were made up of all odd numbers in the 279 drawings. This is like fishing for marlins in a mud puddle.

#2 Foolish Lottery Strategy

You are correct. It’s obvious. Foolish Lottery Strategy #2: Play all even numbers. In the case of the OH649 lottery you will be in worse shape if you play all even numbers than if you played all odd numbers. Because there are 49 numbers available, there are less even numbers than there are odd numbers. There are only 134,596 bets with only odd numbers. This represents just 0.96% percent of all wagers. The player was not eligible to win the lottery jackpot for more than 99% of all drawings. To be eligible for the lottery jackpot, you must wait for a year. This takes patience that most people don’t have.

The statistics support my argument again. Only 3 times have there been wagers that were made up of all even numbers in the 279 previous drawings. This mud puddle has evaporated.

These strategies are a bad habit. Aren’t these strategies a waste of time? Wouldn’t it be more fun to play the lottery if you could win the jackpot 95% of the times? You know it’s possible. This is what serious Lottery players do all the time, using good Lottery Software.