Top Tiktok Tips To Go On For You Page

Your goal is a page for you if your video of the dancing renegade against racism marmot manages to go viral, or even spotted, you will be seen by an audience of 30 million people. go for it, mtv is holding its fists for you!


Even unique, but not too much. Remember the trends? The best option is to be exactly in the middle between a memorable and conventionally attractive character. Be different from the rest in order to remain yourself, but not too much, so as not to differ in the main thing for which the audience loves others. Find your niche and work in it, but it should be trending. For example, there is a user Friendly Quest who posts a video of his dancing marmot, and he is followed by seven million people – dance with a rat, a snake, a tame bear, a cat (surefire). The main thing is that everything should be on a voluntary basis for all participants, with no violence against animals.


The Tik Tok algorithm keeps track of who uses what, and the administration of the platform is more than supportive of users who support innovations. Posting a video – use the newest filter or effect at Videos with new filters are more likely to end up in the feed of other users, this will help to promote the account and get promoted, only shh is a secret.


Keep in mind that TikTok is famous for collaborations – if you make a video invitation to a collab that another TikToker can play out in his own way, and not stupidly share, that’s half the success. Remixes, mixes, and collaboration with established and respected members of the platform are your lucky ticket to the world of celebrities and more likes on TikTok.


Explore the fresh TikTokers who have scored their first Golden Hundred subscribers. Try to highlight what unites them, and repeat it in your own way.


Mass following is useful because people subscribe back and watch your videos. Their views will elevate you in Tik Tok recommendations.