Melodies and Poems

Melodies and Poems

Melodies and Poems





Lopsided … the sparkle


a sparkle … assumed


an instrument appeared to secret visitors


what’s more, voyaging vermin.


Disentangled in gathered moons


your tunes


wrestled tunes


however gracious … my caught wounds.


I fold them over cellophane hearts


a visit … be pleased


by one way or another lost in a group


glasses high


toast to the note-cards


that sort out my Energy Healing psyche against pietisms


I figure out my psyche … eventually




There are long periods of unregistered rhymes


what’s more, they appear to be progressing after undying murkiness


“What transforms us?”


What makes us choose ‘one day’…. that ‘this day’ we will improve?


‘This day’ we will favor everything as though we were seeing it for the first




‘This day’ we will invest some time for our own selves.


‘This day’ we will ascend that enthusiastic mountain that appeared


unfathomable ‘yesterday’.


‘This day’ we ‘will’ do what we had just ‘trusted’ we would do ‘previously’.


‘This day’ we will FLY.






I appear to have new pathways to amass.


The steam connects and resolves the uneasiness of time.


I venture past recollections and longings and connect.


Life is indistinct


difficult to be genuine.


Days pass by and I end up in another reality,


a truth of cheerful.


You loan me the scent of opportunity,


the quality of interruption,


in the water and substance there is a serenity I have never known.


My warrior of old,


my mourn,


I’m generally so apprehensive they’ll take you from me.


I dare not totally contact today


or on the other hand rest and discover you gone,


also, learn you have never been with me.


So I bless the pathway


move my self-restraint.


I can’t live in the shadow of disappointment


also, not perceive what is in that general area before me.


This soul being currently and present, not intended to be over dissected.


There are entryways having a place with opportunity


furthermore, they all have extraordinary handles.


I can design them, get them, hold them, beguile them,


or then again let them go.


“Little Remains”


Detached musings that ring in much rot,


where the survivors scramble and tears won’t ever end.


Feelings run high and dispositions choose,


liberality is a solution for outsiders,


in any case, you and I….. partition into two halves,


furthermore, quarrel about little remaining parts.




She goes with enchantment on a supernatural ride.


She strolls in the twilight


also, covers my brain.


She ventures to every part of the street down past the pines,


where the fog meets the morning


‘front the stream turns ice.


We get together petals


from the blossoms that have passed on.


She goes with enchantment


on an enchanted ride,


bringing up nightfalls


also, horses to ride.


So perceive how it goes


how the enchantment unfurls


how the kids you’ve known


loan out ocean covered rhymes


as yet fasting


however, not, at this point cold.


“Fall Has Seasoned Me Well”


Substance to be perceived in an easygoing manner but then…


He was a most mindful healer.


Each space and corner he characterized in me.


I so elegantly wore a crown.


Nobody around.


Remained and remained…


he recollected that he had not seen me in full sprout.


Everything considered I ought to have held back to hear the rest,


however, patients assembled in the lobbies,


wounds too profound to even think about disapproving.


Who can fight with such a sweetheart?


At any rate I realize that I don’t mend well.


There were respites I had not thought of,


be that as it may, Autumn…


Harvest time has prepared me well.