How to Spy on WhatsApp Accounts

If you want to monitor a friend’s Whatsapp account, you need to know that there are several ways to do so. WhatsApp is a messaging app that allows you to use a single account across multiple devices. You can connect up to four devices to one account at the same time.

Furthermore, you do not need to keep your device on the internet. This feature makes it possible to spy on WhatsApp accounts. In addition, it’s not difficult to achieve this goal. All you need to do is borrow the phone of the target person and navigate to the Settings.


If you’re looking for a reliable Whatsapp spy app, you’ve probably heard about SpyBubble. The company says it has over 500,000 happy customers. It allows you to monitor all incoming and outgoing messages as well as multimedia content. It can also track your employees’ social media usage and contact details. While SpyBubble isn’t perfect, it does offer several features that can make you feel more secure about monitoring your loved ones’ texts.


If you’re a parent and want to know what your kids are up to on their cell phones, you need to learn how to free android spy apps on their messaging apps. mSpy offers a powerful app that will help you keep tabs on their every move. It’s easy to install and set up on both iOS and Android devices. It has an online dashboard where you can track any activity on the device. You can even log in to see the details of every conversation the device has had with the person you’re spying on.


iKeyMonitor is a reliable Whatsapp spy software that monitors WhatsApp messages on both iOS and Android devices. It is compatible with jailbroken and unrooted devices. It also supports recordings of voice messages and uploads monitoring logs to an online account. It also provides 24×7 tech support through live chat. It also allows you to track a lost phone and has several other useful features.


A PanSpy Whatsapp spy application is an executive-grade surveillance software that allows you to monitor what your child is doing. Its many features include location tracking, text messaging, call details, and blocking of unsavory websites. To get started, you will need to register for an account, authorize optional and mandatory permissions, and install the software on the target’s phone. Once installed, you can view all WhatsApp media files and listen to voice messages.


A top-rated Whatsapp spy app is a must-have for monitoring your kids’ or employees’ cell phone activity. However, how do you install one? This is a task that requires physical access to the target device. Once installed, the app works silently in the background, recording everything from screen taps to GPS location. After recording all activities on the target device, you can view these videos from anywhere you can access the Internet.


Snoopza Whatsapp spy is an application that lets you follow the activities of up to five different devices. The app offers several features to spy on what your partner is up to on the messaging platform. You can also follow the activities of other users, like the chats they have with friends. It can also be used to track social networks such as Facebook and Snapchat. Although the reason why you need to spy on someone’s conversations is questionable, you can use the application to monitor the activities of your partner or spouse.